Stamping Parts

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Stamping Parts


Several different types of equipment are used for sheet metal fabrication. From rolling to bending and shearing, this equipment helps to achieve the right effect when providing custom solutions for applications. Custom metal fabrication is utilized by organizations or individuals that require their applications to be tailor made.


1. Sheet Metal Bending Equipment: One of the most important pieces of equipment used in sheet metal fabrication is the bending tool. A sheet metal brake allows the metal to be bent in various shapes to create a custom fit for a particular application. These tools provide a professional feel with minimal wrinkling of the metal. Using professional tools will give you a more precise bend than that achieved by using force of hand.

2. Sheet Metal Shearing Equipment: These tools help cut sheet metal into parts of desired dimensions. Sheet metal shearing tools will help you measure and make precise cuts. By using professional tools, you can expect to make clean cuts with minimal burrs.

3. Sheet Metal Stamping Equipment: Metal stamping tools are used to make 3-dimensional objects. Dies are used in conjunction with these tools to make specific shapes. A stamping machine can make use of several different processes to arrive at the desired results.

4. Sheet Metal Rolling Equipment: The machine consists of three rolls that help in forming the sheet metal. The feeding rolls are the upper front roll and lower front roll. The third roll known as the outlet roll is installed behind the front rolls. Adjustment of the rolls provides the desired results. The rolls can be adjusted with the help of the knobs placed at the machine at the end of each roll.


The right equipment allow sheet metal fabricators to create products suitable for applications used in industries like medical, manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, military, and more. Sheet metal fabrication tools are extremely useful when customizing products. With the right tools, one can expect to save time and get precise results. Finesse can be achieved by both amateurs as well as professionals.

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