Our Past Project



Dies, Jig and Fixtures 

PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari engineers are experts in precision and intricate Jig, Fixture, Tool and Die Design and Manufacturing. Over 30 years of Tool and Die making experience from seasoned and highly skilled engineers have helped build a solid reputation for PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari is one of the most respected tool shops in Indonesia. Our cutting edge automated CNC machining centers and innovative tool designers produce only the highest quality Jigs, Fixtures, Tools and Dies.  


Industrial Parts & Fabrication Project

For years PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari has been dedicated to providing the best custom metal fabrication services available, and we continue to do so. We provide cutting, folding, welding, machining, punching, shearing, and casting processes depending on your needs. These accurate and durable tools provide our manufacturing based customers with the capability to produce precision parts for a wide variety of industries. Industrial Tool and Die serves industries including but not limited to Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Commercial, and the Electrical Connector industry.



Stamping Parts

PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari ‘s custom metal stamping services deliver precision metal stampings from prototypes designed by our engineer through production quantities. We run stampings in high-volume, tight tolerance, precision stampings in Stainless Steel, Cold Rolled Steel, HLE Steel, Zinc plated steel, Aluminium Plated Steel, Alumunium, Brass and Copper. Our press machines have full feed lines and are die sensor protection ready. PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari runs nearly 30 million stampings per year at a 98% on-time delivery rate.



Sheet Metal Processing

PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari has offered experience of working with a variety of metals grades and boasts an impressive project of Sheet Metal Fabrication services. The company has experience in sheet metal fabrications of all grades of steel as well aluminum and titanium. All fabrication work is designed and manufactured to suit individual customer requirements and we have access to large stocks via our diverse local and international supplier chain in order to meet urgent deliveries.



Special Purposes Machines

Beside our other divisions, PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari provides equipment under the terms of Special Purpose Machines that can be customized by design and functions. The machines could be a step machine, pilot or semi-automatic machine depending on the job order. The Special Purpose Machine is integrated from the number of components that our skilled engineer needs to assemble, the processes to integrate, the complexity, the flexibility, the volume, the output and the budget as well.


Dry Ice Processing

PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari provides Dry Ice Processing, which involves a process that connects two parts (eg: shafts and holes) in a manner that the shaft has to be cooled and shrink before our Engineer puts it in the hole. The shaft will change and expand into its natural state after adjusting to the normal temperature.



Induction Processing

PT. Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari offers Induction Processing that is a widely used process for the surface hardening of metal or steel. The components are heated by means of an alternating magnetic field to a temperature within or above the transformation range followed by immediate quenching. The core of the component remains unaffected by the treatment and its physical properties are those of the bar from which it was machines, whilst the hardness of the case can be within the range of 37 - 58 HRC.