PT.  Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari was established at 1990 in Cengkareng-West, Jakarta.  Spreading more then 4,400 meter square area and 3,000 meter square building.

With three big manufacturing plants spread across DKI Jakarta, PT Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari is specializing on metallurgy processing; Design Engineering,  Precision Parts,  Stamping Parts,  Heavy Duty Parts,  Special Purpose Machine,  Machine Development,  Dies Maker,  Construction &  Fabrication.

Supported by reliable machines and high quality human resources PT Kurnia Mustika Indah Lestari has been regarded nationally as one of the biggest precisions parts specialist and engineering manufacturer in Indonesia and thus has become the trusted manufacturer for many



Believe in norm and karm
Exceeding the expextation of employees/customer
that we employ/serve


As a precision standard for Indonesia in Engineering 
Having/utilizing employees and high technology to achieve market leading 
Maintain high quality, measuring up to excellent working effort and ethos 
Empowering employees and outsmarting employees 
Out standing through high quality and professionalism


Quality are us, we are quality 
Known as precision and quality 
Excellent and succeed through costumer satisfaction 
Respect employees as company treasure 
Large and developed with creative innovation


Appreciate / Respect my profession, my company and my own self.
Improve my work hard and develop my ability also my mind to highest gold.
Do my job with full of responsibility and full of positive attitude.
Express the quality is : it will bring enthusiasm situation that can make inspiration to surrounding me.
Loyal to my own quality and loyal to my job and asumed the company as a place of my own investment.
See my job as the opportunity wich is enjoyed with full of confident and paid the ability of succesfull with honestly.